Saturday, August 8, 2015

Don't Join th CDC Rescue

DON'T JOIN THE CDC RESCUE being promoted by the CAA/SMCI supporters! All the CDC does with its "CFS" budget is hurt M.E. patients; why should any patient use her precious energy to help the CDC?
Did you notice all this hullabaloo is happening just before SEVERE ME DAY? Maybe the govt doesn't want people to know what severe ME looks like. Maybe they are afraid the public might become more interested in helping ME patients if they see the very sickest. Maybe they are just afraid the people who are really sick with ME and can't leave their beds may become known, as compared to the CAA/SMCI people who have "CFS" and can still work full time and engage in an active social life--and sometimes starve themselves as a protest or jump out of an airplane for publicity.
Great! I got a message from Co-Cure with the same "save the CDC's budget" message that was on Spotila's and Verillo's blogs. It says it's by Cort and Courtney and Robert Miller. So this is a coordinated campaign to get any patient they can to jump on their wagon and contact their Congressmen and Senators in favor of the CDC. This seems just ridiculous to me. They are getting patients to spend their precious energy to help the CDC when the CDC only spends money to hurt patients! Why would any patient do this?
Oh--and Hillary Johnson thinks we should send a thank you note to the Senate for wanting to cut CDCs M.E. money.
Hillary Johnson @oslersweb Aug 5
Hey guys, write a thank you note and send congrats to Senate for wanting to cut CDC's M.E. money. My dream of 29 yrs.
You are welcome to share this message if you like.

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